Music at WPACES

Music classes at WPACES put a focus on singing, instrumentation, and music fundamentals. The students are actively engaged in differentiated music lessons and activities which reinforce eight main concepts: Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, Sound Properties, Texture/Form, History/Culture, Dance/Movement, Theatre. Two methods/approaches commonly used in many elementary classrooms are the Kodaly method and the Orff-Schulwerk (commonly known as “Orff”) approach. Elements of the Kodaly method and the Orff approach are integrated into the WPACES Music curriculum to help reinforce singing, song writing and improvisational skills.
Music Standards:

1)       Singing, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music

2)       Performing on instruments, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music

3)       Improvising melodies, variations, and accompaniments

4)       Composing and arranging music within specified guidelines

5)       Reading and notating music

6)       Listening to, analyzing, and describing music

7)       Evaluating music and music performances

8)       Understanding relationships between music, the other arts, and disciplines outside the arts

9)       Understanding music in relation to history and culture