West Philadelphia Achievement Charter Elementary Home

young children sitting on a picnic table
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Fostering Creativity and Innovation Through Arts and Technology

All Children Can Learn

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The School’s Mission Statement is that “All Children Can Learn”. At WPACES we are dedicated to stimulating excitement about learning in a technology & arts-infused safe and respectful environment. 

Who We Are

We are committed to using the arts and technology to produce educated youth who are prepared to take on the new and more global challenges of our society. We are also committed to helping children find their area of intelligence and use it to maximize their learning. It is also our mission to foster true partnerships with parents and the community.


When students leave this school they will have a firm foundation in the skills necessary to be successful in the middle school curriculum. Students will have a background in the arts and technology to formulate creative, expressive designs, interpretations and appreciation for other students' work as well as their own imagination and work. 

At a glance

  • 18 Clubs, Afterschool, Summer Programs
  • 85% Student Growth in English/Language Art
  • 96% Student Growth in Math
  • 100% Staff Receive Ongoing Professional Development
  • #1 Oldest Exclusively Elementary Charter School in the City of Philadelphia opening 2001