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Computer Use Policy

Students at West Philadelphia Achievement Charter School agree to comply with the following computer guidelines:


  • Treat all computer equipment with care and will leave it in good working condition when finished.
  • Be safe and responsible with when using equipment. 
  • Understand that the school computer software cannot be copied on any other computer because this would violate copyright law
  • Will not bring in any of their personal software to use on school computers because this would violate copyright law.
  • Will not share passwords for the school computers or email system with anyone except parents, guardians, or homeroom teacher.
  • Will take total responsibility for any messages sent from the school's resources and will not insult, threaten other people, or use profanity.
  • Will not share phone numbers, home addresses, and any other personal information over the internet because it is not safe.
  • Understand all other school rules that apply when using school's Internet.
  • Understand that in accordance with CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act), WPACES protects the school’s network by a firewall which filters Internet content.
  • Will not publish defamatory and/or knowingly false material (including uploading videos) about West Philadelphia Achievement Charter School, staff members and students on social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook YouTube,  LinkedIn, Musicly, SnapCat, etc.),  Blogs (online journals), WIKI or any other online publishing format is strictly prohibited.
  • Understand that their actions on the Internet (from anywhere) represents West Philadelphia Achievement Charter School and they will abide by the WPACES’ Student handbook at all times.
  • Understand that if they violate any of the above rules, they will lose computer and/or Internet privileges and may face further disciplinary actions.